Equitus is delivered through our exclusive network of partners, resellers, system integrators, and defense contractors. We provide training, demonstration platforms, technical expertise, and sales support to our partners pursuing new opportunities.

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Solutions built for National Security

At Equitus, security is at the heart of what we do. We will never put anything before our #1 priority, our national security. All our products are made in America and are TASIP compliant.

Graph Data Fabric Technology

Equtius transforms and normalizes data into a single, highly efficient, and easily scalable graph data fabric. Open Data Fabric (ODF) delivers a ready-to-run analytics and data abstraction layer enabling your organization to rapidly field even the most complex intelligence systems.


Along with keeping costs down by keeping your legacy systems, our solutions are significantly more cost effective with flexible pricing ranging from the individual up to the enterprise at a fraction of competitor’s costs.

You're in Control

Technological sovereignty is the future of defense. That’s why our goal is to equip our soldiers with the ability to get up-to-date information where and when they need it most. Our solutions are customizable to any use case, and you always own and control your own data.

Four photos of a military man, a data wave, data point on a sphere, and data points on a city.

Partnership Plans


Gold partnership is best for organizations interested in delivering Equitus technology directly to clients. A Gold Partner is an authorized system-integrator of Equitus products and may market, promote, and resell Equitus products in conjunction with any of the Gold Partner’s services and products.


Silver partnership is best for individuals or firms interested in selling Equitus technology without taking an active role in its delivery or support. A Silver Partner acts as a contractor, working autonomously to introduce Equitus products to government and commercial entities.

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