Our mission is to deliver the world's best Intelligence Systems.

American made all-source intelligence analysis and self-service data discovery created for a complex world.

Technology Born from Combat

Born from our experiences in combat, we deliver solutions for the problems we encountered in the battlespace: siloed data, data of different file types, and the need for scalability. The future of defense needs an autonomous intelligence solution. We deliver it.

Equitus National Security Group exists to build and deliver self-service intelligence platforms to the national security space. Equitus is a one-of-a-kind edge compute all source intelligence platform that delivers intelligence when you need it, anywhere in the world. Our solutions are the result of a team that knows what it wants and builds it.


Instantly access millions of open-source sites, as well as your own proprietary data.


Aggregate and relate seemingly disparate data.


Discover and visualize insights from all your data.


Engage with your data like never before.

We are not a traditional software company.

Equitus puts America’s national security as its highest priority. The defense industry needs secure, reliable solutions. We deliver technology for tomorrow’s battlefield, today!


Anonymously extract data from over 130 million socially-interactive sites using advanced A.I to connect, correlate, and analyze. An end-to-end intelligence & operations solution for interacting in the open-source space.


Analyze typed, handwritten, or printed text from more than 1500 different file types.


Ingest, combine, correlate and fuse nearly any type of intelligence data, combining static dynamic, and AI derived data to generate live and ongoing geospatial fusion of all data available to the platform.


Ingest unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data. Analyze typed, handwritten, or printed text from more than 1500 different file types.

Modernize your analytics without abandoning vital legacy systems.

Open-architecture supports easy integration with legacy and third-party systems to protect previous technology and other investments.

Optimize your decisions.