Edge Intelligence Deployable Kit

Intelligence At-The-Edge

Screenshot of a software interface with geospatial map.
Screenshot of a software interface with geospatial map.
Screenshot of a software interface with geospatial map.

An end-to-end intelligence and operations solution for understanding and interacting in the open-source space.

The Challenge

Operators require the ability to independently gather new information and process it themselves to get a full, accurate picture of their intelligence data to speed up the decision process. There is a need for Open-Architecture, Open-Standard & interoperability with legacy and enterprise investments. 

Our response was to develop, test and deploy a standardized OSINT platform for deploying Special Operations Forces (SOF) units, capable of self-service collections and analytics at the small unit level. 

The Solution

Equitus equips two units or deploying forces with state-of-the-art, AI-based OSINT platform (kit) system to enhance the mission and to test emerging technology against real world operational needs.

Coven provides your team with a fully self-contained intelligence ecosystem that collects, aggregates, analyzes, and fuses multi-source information without the need to rely upon constant connection to your cloud.

Data analytics points on a globe with highlighted countries



Coven is fully equipped with the latest in open-source, knowledge management, geospatial, and all source intelligence capabilities, and includes laptops and unattributable connectivity.


Anonymously extract data from over 130 million socially-interactive sites using advanced AI to connect, correlate, and analyze.

Platform as a service, no contractor footprint required
• Unattributed advanced internet from anywhere in the world (4G/5G or CIP)

• Advanced AI and Machine Learning tools/software built right into the kit
• Automates data analysis, data correlation, and automatic link-chart analysis

• Able to operate through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Roving Edge Device

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